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psicofonías performance series / session # 3: the house's spectrum

november - december 2006
psicofonías performance series / sesión#3: el espectro de la casa
1er. Festival Internacional de Teatro Frente al Mar - Puerto Morelos - Riviera Maya - México
Images from the making process: http://www.sesion3psicofonias.blogspot.com/

A not so crowdy beach next to the commercial harbor, 5 min south from Puerto Morelos' center. Sun sets at 4pm in december, sky's colors turn minute after minute. Two women (local actresses Lupita Alvarez and Natalia Ayala) wandering about some ruins left by hurricane Wilma; one of them stands by a supposed door by the ruins and -eyes closed- describes her access and walkabout a house she is visualizing; her partner scans the area for objects trying to contrast the found items to the first's description. Lorelei (patagonian actress Lorena Farina) guide of the 1st "psicofonías" irrupts in the girls "playground" choosing a spot in the imagined hoouse to capture floating sounds in the air. Later she lets the audience hear the recordings.
After 3 attempts around the ruins, from the dune where she led the audience, discovers three shacks -one made of wood, second of leaves and third of stones- and strange sounds and lights. She leads us there, where we find some interns of the secondary school that stands by the beach. They have built and been living several experiences in those shacks for the past two weeks. Each group, employing the theatrical form they developped, recreate events from those real experiences. The last group take out life vests and decide to abbandon their precarious shelter before it ruins and depart to a boat nearby; they accept Lorelei in the group, allow her to wear the last orange vest and take her with them towards their unforecasted future.
This work was specially prepared for this Festival by the sea. It was based on the "psicofonías" sessions structure and an intense on-location working plan that involved casting, location scouting, rehearsals and staging. A workshop was also imparted by AA directors.

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