sábado, 3 de marzo de 2007

july 2006
from "psicofonías" performance series / session #2: chalet huergo /

location: chalet huergo, petrol history and memorabilia museum, comodoro rivadavia
see / listen: www.galeriadeartenomade.com.ar/espanol/proyectos/psicofonias


July 2006 - sheer patagonian winter. Session #2 of the "Psicofonías Series" performs in Chalet Huergo Petrol Museum. The location, a century old mansion surrounded by gardens, on a cliff by the atlantic ocean. Settled on the biggest regional petrol area; in past decades served for accommodating YPF (national petrol company)executives and visited by international personalities such as Persian Shah and wife Farha Diba.

Audience attended the performance sitting inside their parked cars in front of the Mansion. A guide entered and walked around the house looking for the propper spot to place the tape recorder to capture the "psicofonía" para-normal voices. The guide narrated his progress live through FM radio for order the audience to syntonize it with their car radios and follow his action seen through the Mansion's windows.

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